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Real Health Radio

"Neurodiversity and Eating Disorders"

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"The Big Overlap Between Neurodivergence and Eating Disorders"

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Whole-Hearted Eating

"The ADHD and eating disorders connection"


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Body Justice

"Eating Disorders and ADHD: from a Neurodivergent Affirming Lens"

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leaders x design

"The False Promise of Enough"

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articles & blogs

LA Times

"Autism and ADHD often go hand-in-hand. What’s it like to have ‘AuDHD’?" by Laura Newberry


RDs for Neurodiversity

"Understanding and accommodating (some) neurodivergent needs in eating disorder treatment (Part 2)"

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RDs for Neurodiversity

"Ableism and gatekeeping in eating disorder treatment for neurodivergent clients (part 1)"


Equilibrium Counseling Services

"The Therapeutic Power of Language"

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