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services offered

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individual therapy

Weekly and biweekly spaces available

 Learn more about my approach to therapy here.

$225 per 50-minute session

Limited sliding scale openings for multiply marginalized neurodivergent clients

case management consultation

In order to  support as many people as possible in understanding where to go next and how to get their needs met, I offer one-time meetings with folks who fall within my niche areas of interest, whether they're considering a formal diagnosis or designing a DIY intensive outpatient program, to problem-solve and talk out their options. In my experience, just having a knowledgeable listening ear can be a springboard to action amid executive dysfunction and burnout.

$25-75 for a 30-minute consult

Pay what you can

Friends with Spinners

clinical case consultation

Fellow professionals well-versed in neurodiversity-affirming care but not eating disorders or vice versa may benefit from guidance either generally for their practice or around a specific case. I offer conversational meetings in which you provide the background and I answer questions and offer areas of reflection and exploration for your clinical challenges.

$150 per 45-minute consult

Sliding scale available for pre-licensed clinicians who do not have a training stipend available to them

support group

"divergent, not disordered"

Free peer support for ADHDers and autistic adults in any location struggling with food, movement, and relationship to body in any capacity. No requirement of diagnosis or to identify as in recovery; however, we ask that you respect community guidelines to keep the group a social justice-oriented safe space for all.

Meets the last Tuesday of each month 10-11am PST via Zoom.

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intro call

I offer a free 15 minute consultation via phone or Zoom to help us both determine whether we would work well together for any of the above-listed services.

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