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To access, please Venmo $5 and use the contact form to specify what webinars you'd like access to (make sure to provide your email). A link will be sent to you within 24 hours. I'm always open to requests for future webinar recordings!

Run time: 59:44

Run time: 51:34

Run time: 59:56

Run time: 40:02

Run time: 1:07:54

Topics addressed: pervasive drive for autonomy ("PDA") & the value of client-led ED care

Run time: 1:00:18

Accommodating individual sensory profiles and the stimulation "window of tolerance"

Run time: 49:27

Run time: 47:42

A conversation with ND-affirming eating disorder and trauma therapist, podcast hostess, and ADHDer Mimi Cole (The Lovely Becoming)

Run time: 49:37

What are your internal senses ("the forgotten three") and how might accommodating hypo- and hyper-sensitivity within each sensory system be crucial in supporting a person's eating disorder recovery? 

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